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Why Yates & Suddell Opticians?

Yates & Suddell is an independent optician is Bury. Over their 60 years of service, they have expanded location due to the great level of care they bring to all their patients. Situated near Bury Market, Yates & Suddell couldn't be in a more convenient location.

By using state of the art equipment, this practice is able to offer you the most thorough of eye examinations with advice that you can truly rely upon. Their dedicated team are experienced in finding the right solution for every individual's unique vision needs.

If you are situated in Bury and looking for an optician with a patient-focused mentality, Yates and Suddell is the practice for you.

Your Local Opticians

Yates & Suddell Opticians, 15/19 Minden Parade, Bury, BL9 0QG


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