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Why Cooper & Leatherbarrow Opticians?

This Horden opticians - also known locally as Gibson Opticians - is part of the independent group Cooper & Leatherbarrow. With locations across County Durham, Cooper & Leatherbarrow are renowned for providing exceptional quality eyecare for all the family.


Thorough eye examinations are carried out by their experienced team with the latest optical equipment. Using their specialist OCT machine, Cooper & Leatherbarrow are able to proactively monitor the health of your eyes behind the surface to detect, monitor and treat conditions.


The practice works in conjunction with the NHS to provide emergency eye care and a cataract referral scheme. Unique to the area is the ReadEZ coloured assessment and spectacles for Irlen Syndrome for those suffering from visual stress and difficulty reading.


If you need to book an eye test in Horden or want to speak to an optician regarding your eye health, you can book an appointment via the form above.

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Cooper & Leatherbarrow, Blandford Buildings, Horden, County Durham, SR8 4JF

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