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Why Davis Opticians?

Davis Optometrist in Rothwell was established in 1982. Their aim is to provide all their patients with a friendly and professional service, which they achieve day after day. 


Children are welcome at this family friendly practice who are on hand to help you choose from a wide variety of eyewear such as frames, sunglasses, sports eyewear and contact lenses to suit different lifestyles, styles and budgets.


Their focus is on providing their patients with the best level of care and they take their time with appointments. Any recommendations and advice they provide is tailored to the individual and from brands and products they know and trust for their quality. 


If you are looking for an eye test, product advice or are just concerned about your eye health, please use the form above to book an appointment with Davis Optometrists.

Your Local Opticians

Davis Opticians, 4 Bridge Street, Rothwell, Northants, NN14 6EW


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