What is an anti-reflection lens and why should I choose it?

What is an anti-reflection lens and why should I choose it?

When you choose a new pair of specs, whether it is your first pair or you have been wearing them for years, choosing the perfect fame is only the start. Choosing the right lenses for you is just as important because it is going to have an impact on the way you see the world around you when you put them on and on how others see you.

anti reflection lens

Anti-reflection lens, anti-reflection coating, anti-glare; these are all different ways of describing the same thing; an optical lens that is manufactured in such a way that the outer surface of the lens will allow more light to pass through it. Allowing more light through the lens reduces the aberrations which would otherwise have been caused by light being reflected away from the eye.

So how does this allow you see better?

Reflections from basic spectacle lenses will cause light sources to spread out and interfere with your ability to see clearly in the area around them. At its most extreme, when driving at night for example, oncoming headlights can sometimes feel like they are taking over your whole field of view. A lens with reduced reflections will allow you to see more clearly because less of your vision is blocked by the headlights.

And although most people associate anti-reflection lenses with driving at night, this same property can enable you to see better when any light source is in your view. Computer screens, overhead lights, TV screens can all have this sort of effect on your vision.

Modern anti-reflection lenses offer many other advantages as well:

  • The lenses are less visible meaning your glasses look better
  • Full UV protection gives improved protection to ensure good eye health
  • Designed to be easy to clean
  • Better communication, as your eyes will be more visible to people you interact with.
  • Increased toughness which allows some manufactures to guarantee that your lenses won’t scratch.

More recently lens manufacturers have started to introduce anti-reflection lenses that are specifically tailored for specific tasks such as office work, night driving and colour-free lenses. These lenses offer you a range of options for improving your vision whenever you wear your spectacles.

So next time you are choosing some new spectacles allow enough time to discuss your visual needs with your optician and they will make sure that you go out looking good and seeing better too.

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