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I do not want big frames with my varifocal lenses

One of the most commonly asked questions relating to varifocals is “do I have to have big frames with my varifocals?” As with a varifocal lens, your optometrist has a number of things to consider, for example, your occupation or hobbies. The most important thing is the frame fit. As varifocals are a custom lens that is tailored to meet your individual needs, this means that there are lots of variations that your opticians can use to select the best varifocal for you in order to provide the best possible vision.

big frames with varifocal lenses

The changing times of varifocals

When varifocals were first manufactured in the late fifties, customisation was limited, however as technology and manufacturing have advanced so have lens designs – allowing us to have more control over lens design to personalise the varifocal to your specific needs. This gives you a feeling of more natural vision. This also gives you more flexibility with the size of your frame.

Varifocals makes all the difference

Although there is still some getting used to varifocals once you have then, this flexibility in frame size means fewer restrictions on frame choice. With the right optician, a qualified & experienced dispensing opticians will always be on hand to assist you with your selections. Some patients are discouraged by the idea of varifocals due to the idea of large frames, but this need not be the case.

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