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What is Ocular Migraine

Ocular Migraine is a Common Cause of Visual Disturbances

For the majority of the time we see clearly in any given circumstance and often we don’t give our sight a second thought! Occasionally, we…
Detecting Aneurysm

Can an Eye Test Detect Aneurysm?

What is aneurysm? An aneurysm is caused by a weakening of an artery wall which creates a bulge within the artery. This is usually not dangerous but if there is…
Keratoconus cross linking

What is Cross linking when relating to Keratoconus Treatment?

Overview of Keratoconus There is not one clear reason why people get Keratoconus but it is considered to be partly down to genetics, environment and…
floaters vs flashes

Difference Between Eye Floaters and Flashes

Eye Flashes Some people may see flashes of light in front of one of their eyes like small sparkles. These tend to be in the…

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Commonly asked eye test related questions
Q1. Can I book an eye test online?

A1. Yes, many opticians now give you the option to book an eye test via their website or through an external booking system. We help you find independent opticians you can book with instantly and conveniently.

Q2. How do I book a free NHS eye test?

A2. Booking a free NHS eye test is very easy. You will book an eye test as normal, then you will be asked to fill out an NHS form. You will also need to bring a document as proof you are entitled to a free eye test.

To get a free NHS eye test you need to be eligible for one of the following requirements;

. Under 16
. 16-18 and in full-time education
. 60 and over
. Have glaucoma / likely to get it / have a family member with glaucoma
. Receiving some type of income support
. Pension credit
. Valid NHS HC2 certificate

Q3. When should I book an eye test?

A3. You should have an eye test every two years, but if you are concerned about your eye health and have noticed something different, you should book an eye test as soon as possible. Also, if you are told by a professional to have more regular appointments follow this advice as it could be due to you being at risk of an eye condition.

Q4. Can I book an eye test for my child?

A4. Yes, you can book your child in for an eye test. You should book them in for their first eye test when they are around 4 years old. If you have any concerns about their vision prior to this there is tests your optician can use to determine their vision ability.