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Brain Teasers – How Sharp Are Your Eyes?

Brain teasers are so much more than just fun (even though they really are!) – they are also a great workout for the brain, the memory and the eyes. Think you’ve got sharp eyes and an ever sharper brain? Put it to the test with these three brainteasers.

The average time to complete all three was 1 minute 54 seconds and the quickest time was 1 minute and 6 seconds. See each puzzle below for the average and quickest time for each.

Can you beat that?

Can you spot the cat amongst the humans?
Quickest time – 00:04
Average time – 00:36

Can you spot the blue-eyed fox between the brown-eyes foxes?
Quickest time – 00:25
Average time – 01:13

Can you spot the panda wearing glasses?
Quickest time – 00:05
Average time – 00:16

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