Why do my eyes feel very tired but I’m full of beans

We rely on our eyes for so many things that when they become tired and inefficient, it can be extremely frustrating. Particularly if our mind and the rest of our body is still active.

Eyes feel very tired

Clearly, if we’ve had a long and busy day, then tired eyes are just part and parcel of overall fatigue and physical strain.

However, it is possible to feel fine in general, but still have sleepy and “heavy” eyes.

Symptoms of tired eyes

Having tired and uncomfortable eyes could make you feel like closing them during the day, even though your brain is active.

You could also experience bloodshot eyes. They could be watery, or dry. You may find that you have blurred or double vision or problems with focusing. Tired eyes can also make you highly sensitive to light.

These all tend to indicate something is interfering with your eye’s ability to work efficiently.

Eye strain

The most common cause of tired eyes is that they’ve been used to complete tasks that have strained the muscles.

This is often a side effect of using electronic devices for prolonged periods. It’s particularly inadvisable to concentrate on mobile phone screens or other technology late at night. Your eyes will not have sufficient time while you sleep to recover from this stimulation and strain.

However, it’s not just about technology. You can also experience tired eyes due to reading books for long periods, or concentrating intently while you drive too.

You may not be blinking as much as you should during these times. You could be keeping your eyes in a state of tension.

Activities which involve looking up then down a lot, or passing from light to dark, can also create eye strain, as you are varying your focus frequently.

Your eyes will suffer as a result of all of these activities.

Other causes

Your eyes are also substantially affected by your environment, particularly any pathogens and other substances your body absorbs.

This means that allergies to dust, pollen, animal hairs and other small particles can have a noticeable impact on your eye health. The feeling of having tired eyes, with heavy lids and blurred vision, could be an allergic reaction. Antihistamines are often used to rectify this situation.

Medical concern

Tired eyes are generally harmless. The issue tends to clear up with changes to lifestyle and habit, and some good quality sleep.

If tired eyes are accompanied by more alarming systems, such as floating black specks, substantial changes in your vision or pain, you should consult a doctor.

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