I need to squint to see clearly - Have to squint to focus eye

Why do I need to squint to see clearly?

Squinting simply refers to when your eyes do not align correctly. This can happen intermittently, or all of the time. It can also happen at any age. If you need to squint to see clearly, then there is a problem with your eyesight and you will need to see your ophthalmologist.

squint to see clearly

Below are some of the eye conditions and eye-related issues that may cause you to squint.

Accommodation disorder

This eye condition, which is related to the ageing process, is when there is difficulty in focusing on an object and maintaining that focus. This often results in symptoms such as blurred vision, headaches, double vision and difficulty in concentrating while reading.


Amblyopia is more commonly known as a lazy eye. Often seen in children, as it is a developmental disorder of the eye, it means that the eye cannot gain accurate visual acuity, even if they wear prescription glasses. This condition usually only affects one eye.


Hyperopia simply means that an individual is longsighted. This eye condition means that they can see objects at a distance, but have difficulty in seeing clearly those objects that are closer, such as when trying to read.


Myopia refers to short-sightedness. The eye is unable to retract (or bend) light, meaning that it is difficult to focus on objects at a distance. It is far easier to focus on objects that are closer to the eye.

squint to see clearly

Photophobia is also referred to as light sensitivity. This is when you experience severe pain or discomfort when the eye is subjected to any light exposure. This is often made more bearable by the use of wearing sunglasses.


Presbyopia is an eye condition that is sadly just part of getting older. The lens will become harder as we age, this means it is harder for the eye to focus properly, especially on close objects.


This eye condition is when the pigmented area of the eye (uvea) becomes inflamed. This may be due to a fungal infection, or irritation, especially from wearing contact lenses. This inflammation makes it more difficult to focus on your environment.

Vergence disorder

This is an eye disorder that refers to how the eyes focus. Instead of the eyes focusing and moving together to focus on an object, the eyes move in opposite directions, which can result in an individual looking cross-eyed.

When to see an ophthalmologist

If you are constantly needing to squint so as to see print, objects or your environment more clearly, then you really need to see your ophthalmologist. If you experience any of the above signs or symptoms, make an appointment as soon as you can.

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