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Opticians in London (Eyelink Opticians London)

Eyelink Opticians in London have been established in the City of London for over 25 years in the in the Blackfriars / St Pauls area of the city.

Why Eyelink Opticians London?

Eyelink Opticians is an independent optician in the centre of London who professionally caters for all your glasses, contact lenses & eye care needs. We are one of the leading eye care providers in London. They offer comprehensive eye examinations, including contact lens fittings and prescription glasses. Their staff is highly trained and they provide excellent customer service.

Regular eye examinations are important to check the health of your eyes and to assess any symptoms of visual stress and tension or blurred vision that may require glasses. The eye exam can sometimes detect underlying general health problems such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

At Eyelink we can also record digital images of your retina to better enable the detection of subtle changes and problems at the back of your eye.

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