What is hyperopia?

Also known as hypermetropia, this condition affects people's abilities to see things up close. Many people know this condition better as farsightedness and will know many people with it.


This is a very common condition which is a result of your eyes not working quite the way they should be.


We will cover this in more detail, eliminating any concerns you may have on the topic.


What causes hyperopia?


Farsightedness (hyperopia) is caused by your eyes not being able to bend light the way they should do. Many people who are farsighted have a great ability for seeing anything in the distance but their eyes do not work the way they should with objects close to them. This is caused by the lens not directing the light as it should.


The best way to think of this is by imagining your eyes are like a camera and when you direct it at something close it can't quite get the focus it needs. Hyperopia can be either genetic or just happen as a result of ageing.


Symptoms associated with hyperopia


  • Trouble focusing on objects close to you

  • Headaches when focusing on close objects for a period of time, such as reading

  • Eyes feeling strained

  • Finding yourself squinting to see better

  • Fatigue

Are there treatments for hyperopia?

Hyperopia is a focusing disorder rather than anything serious like an eye disease. Focusing disorders are extremely common and have a variety of treatment options.


Firstly, you will need to go for an eye test with your local optician and they will tell you how farsighted you are and give you a prescription. Your options are glasses, contact lenses or even surgery if this is an option you would like to take.

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