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Can an eye test detect high cholesterol?

What is high cholesterol?

High Cholesterol is a type of fat in the blood, your body naturally makes all the Cholesterol it needs but some foods contain this type of fat which can cause blood flow problems. If your Cholesterol is too high, it will build up in your arteries and this is what causes the blood flow issues.

optician carrying out an eye test

How does an eye test detect high cholesterol?

Your local optician would be able to tell if you have high cholesterol through looking at your corneas. If you have High Cholesterol they may have a yellow ring around them. If your optician feels you may have High Cholesterol they will advise you on the next step to take.

Are there treatments for high cholesterol?

There are a variety of medications for High Cholesterol, such as medication that limits the amount of Cholesterol your liver naturally produces. Peoples diet also makes a big difference so limiting trans and saturated fats while eating healthier choices of food like fruit and veg can improve this. Omega-3 is a good supplement to start with as fish fats are very healthy and can help lower Cholesterol. Physical activity should also be implemented into people’s lifestyles if they have problems with Cholesterol.

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