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Are halloween contact lenses safe for my kids?

Around Halloween, coloured and novelty design contact lenses become increasingly popular as a way to improve people’s Halloween costumes. As most people only think of using these contact lenses once, they tend to opt for cheap contacts from any easily accessible supplier. Before buying Halloween contact lenses, it is important that you are informed about your best options.

Woman wearing halloween contact lenses

Where to buy Halloween contact lenses?

Your best option when purchasing these lenses is to buy them from an optician or, at the very least, you could buy them from a trusted retailer. However, do so at your own risk as most retailers do not have any pre-purchase evaluations or advice.

When buying these contacts you will have many options in terms of suppliers; both online and on the high street. The problem is, when buying cheap contacts from a non-professional, you run the risk of developing serious eye problems.

How safe are Halloween contact lenses?

Providing you buy contact lenses from a professional optician, the lenses should be safe. Although, it is also important that you insert and remove the lenses correctly and with clean hands. Professionals can advise you on all of the information needed to use contacts safely, giving you peace of mind.

Are cheap Halloween contact lenses safe?

The short answer is no. What you save in terms of cost, you lose in quality and putting low-quality products into your sensitive eyes could lead to a variety of eye conditions, some more serious than others.

Eye conditions you could develop are:

  • Decreased vision
  • Damage to the Cornea
  • Swelling
  • Blindness (in the worst of cases)
  • Eye Ulcers
Our recommendations

Visit an optician or other eye health specialist. By visiting a professional you can get the best advice and information to ensure comfort when wearing your contacts, this visit could also minimise the chances of scratching or damaging your eye.

Clean hands and lenses

Use contact lens solution to ensure that the lenses are clean. Water will not have the same effect and could result in an infection.

Buy your Halloween contact lenses from a reputable source. There are many buying options but when you take into account the points above, ask yourself whether saving money is really worth the loss of quality?

Never sleep in contacts and never share them. It can be quite tempting to leave your contacts in if you have been out late but you should never sleep in Halloween lenses as it risks soreness or even more serious eye problems. If you share your contacts, you also heighten your chances of catching an infection.

You should see a ‘CE’ on your contact lens packaging. This indicates the product conforms to the health protection standards.

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