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Daily or monthly contact lenses? That is the question!

Wearing both daily and monthly contact lenses can change your life for the better by suiting your active lifestyle and providing you with greater clarity.

daily contact lens

Contact lens manufacturers have developed their ranges to include higher-quality lenses in greater volume. This making them accessible for a greater amount of people. In general, the more complicated your prescription is, the less likely you will be suited for daily lenses. An optician would be able to advise you if you are not sure. Let us assume you have been told you can have either daily or monthly lenses.

Monthly Contact Lenses

In short, monthly contact lenses are a pair of lenses that last you throughout the month – if looked after carefully. They do need cleaning before and after wearing. They can also be seen as a cheaper and more eco-friendly option, as you only need two lenses per month. However, if cost is a factor in your decision you will need solutions, and the minimum order with monthlies is three months’ worth.

Monthlies are certainly cost-effective per wear for daily use. However, cleaning them laborious and if you are a young adult, not thinking of the consequences, you might dunk them in the solution and not clean them properly. If you have the time and patience to clean them they are certainly worth bearing in mind.

The other issue you may have with monthly lenses is if you got something in your eye when you were out and about, it would usually end up with me having to discard the lens if you didn’t have the appropriate solution on you. The daily lens, however, is usually a lot handier to have a few spares in the car or handbag. The same would be true if you accidentally split or damaged one. A split lens is certainly not comfortable to wear!

Daily Contact Lenses

Daily lenses in comparison, if you were going to wear every day, would require 60 lenses per month as you dispose of them after each wear. The price generally reflects that. If though you are looking to just wear contact lenses for special occasions then a daily lens may work out more economical.

Further benefits for dailies, as you only wear them once, means that you don’t need to remember how many days you have been wearing the lenses. They are also seen as healthier as you don’t pick up so many deposits formed naturally in your tears. The accumulating effect on a monthly lens can lead to eye infections, especially if they are not cleaned properly.

Monthly vs Daily Lenses – So, which is best option for me?

The monthly lens suits the organised, disciplined person who works within clean environments. The daily lens in comparison suits the person who has a busy active lifestyle and likes the convenience that daily lenses provide. The daily lenses may be the best as you don’t wear them every day.

Whatever you pick though they are not an alternative to glasses so always make sure you have an up-to-date pair of spectacles for when your eyes are not feeling so great. If you have any further questions get in touch with your nearest optometrist.

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