Blepharospasm which can lead to rapid and involuntary blinking

I’m blinking sometimes

The act of blinking is something we all do so often that we barely even notice we are doing it. So when we do notice that we are needing to blink more often than usual it can become a little unnerving. It is likely that everyone will experience periods of excessive blinking from time to time, so it is good to know what may be causing your eyes to clean themselves by blinking more than usual. Excessive blinking is caused by an overstimulation of our eye’s blinking reflex and though normally harmless, may be symptomatic of potential eye conditions.

im blinking sometimes


One such cause of excessive blinking is the eye condition called blepharospasm which can lead to rapid and involuntary blinking caused by abnormal amounts of nerve stimulation. This means the ocular muscles contract spasmodically without any given cause. This condition is commonly observed in people between 50 to 70 years old and manifests itself in differentiated degrees of severity. A defining feature of blepharospasm is that it is usually experienced alongside other involuntary facial movements like the rolling of the eyes or grimaces.

Allergies and hay fever

If you find that your eyes become itchy or dry in certain circumstances it might be the case that your eyes are sensitive to something which you are allergic to. This can be a whole host of things from cat or other animal hair to dust particles or even peanuts. Many people also suffer from itchy eyes in the spring and during summer time when the pollen count is higher.


Wearing contact lenses is a common solution for those who do not enjoy wearing glasses all of the time. But depending on your surroundings, wearing contact lenses can dry out your eyes. If, for example, you spend a lot of time in a brightly lit office where the air is very dry, your contact lenses are likely to require more moisture so as not to dry out. To counter this your blinking reflex may well be stimulated, causing you to blink more. Travelling on airplanes can also have a similar effect on your eyes as the atmosphere is usually dry due to the use of air conditioning. Drink plenty of water to keep your eyes moist when you are in a dry atmosphere.

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