My eyelids feel like they have a crust on them

My eyelids feel like they have a crust on them

Having crust on your eyelid isn’t normal unless it’s generally a crust built up from sleeping. If your eyelids feel like they have a crust on them, it could be a sign of Blepharitis or Eyelid Inflammation. There are three types of this condition: seborrhoeic blepharitis, staphylococcal blepharitis and meibomian blepharitis. The symptoms are similar for all three.

Itchy eyelids
Woman use of laptop computer and feeling dry of eye

Various types of rosacea, dermatitis and allergic reactions can cause blepharitis. The most common symptoms that will occur alongside the crusty debris on your eyelids include:

  • Irritated, watery eyes
  • Itchy eyelids
  • Stinging or burning eyes
  • Foreign body sensation or grittiness
  • Tearing

There are several possible reasons for Blepharitis, which include:

Contact lenses

You could be experiencing a crust on your eyelids due to discomfort with your contact lenses. Most people need to give up contact lenses to rectify the problem.

Bacterial eyelid infection

You may be suffering from eyelid crust due to a bacterial infection. This can typically clear up with the use of antibiotics to treat the infection.

Dry eyes

You could be suffering from dry eye syndrome. This is chronic dryness caused by a reduced quantity or quality of the eye’s tear film. Dry eye syndrome can have many causes, including, certain systemic diseases, ageing, and consistent contact lens wear. Additional symptoms you should look out for include, eye discomfort or pain, grittiness, burning sensation, light sensitivity, an increase in blinking, tearing and pink eye. If you have these symptoms on top of eyelid crust, you could be suffering from dry eyes.

Fungal eyelid infection

The crust on your eyelids could also be an indication of a fungal eye infection. If your condition is accompanied by other symptoms listed above, you should seek treatment.

Skin conditions

Blepharitis is also often associated with skin conditions such as ocular rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis. If you suffer from either of these skin conditions, it could be why you are suffering from a crusty eyelid.

Demodex eyelash mites

You may be suffering from a crusty eyelid due to Demodex eyelash mites. This is a condition were mites are found in the follicles of our faces, such as the cheeks, nose, however most commonly the eyelash area. These mites are harmless, but you should use products to help reduce the irritation and to keep your eyelashes clean.

When to consult your local optician

If your problem becomes persistent or is accompanied by other symptoms such as pain and discomfort, then you should contact your optician for a proper diagnosis.

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