What is Astigmatism and How do Opticians Test for Astigmatism?

How do opticians test for astigmatism?

What is astigmatism?

Astigmatism is a condition where the eye struggles to focus the light in the correct way. The Cornea should direct light into your eye with a single beam. Instead, the Cornea sends multiple beams of light to the back of the eye at different angles. This causes a person’s eyesight to be blurred as they are not receiving one clear beam of light. The reason for this is that the Cornea is not the round shape it should be and is slightly misshapen.

What is astigmatism

How do opticians detect it?

Your opticians will test to see if you have Astigmatism while using a phoropter. Tests for this usually involve shining light into your eye and seeing the reflection that bounces back. The reflection then gives the optician a clear idea if you have Astigmatism and the severity of this.

Is astigmatism treatable?

Yes, this can be treated very similarly to how short and long-sighted vision is treated. Astigmatism is treated simply with prescription lenses or contacts. Surgery can also be an option if people would rather this to prescription products.


Astigmatism sounds much scarier than the reality. This eye condition is very common and shouldn’t give people anything to worry about. Treatment is very straightforward and patients will have plenty of options as to the treatment they receive.

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