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Opticians in Leicester (Evington Eyecare Optometrists)

Your eyesight is precious. At Evington Eyecare Leicester the health of yours and your family's eyes is our top priority.

Why Evington Eyecare Optometrists?

Evington Eyecare is Leicester's leading Independent Optician practice. Serving the local business and residential community, Evington Eyecare strive to deliver the highest possible standards of Eyecare to all of our clients and patients.

When it comes to your eyesight, you simply cannot afford to compromise. All of us only have one set of eyes - and so it is important to be sure you are taking good care of them.

At Evington Eyecare in Leicester, our highly experienced professional optometrists and dispensing opticians will ensure your eye test is performed with excellence in mind.

Cutting Edge Diagnostic Technology

By utilising leading cutting edge diagnostic technology, we can pick-up problems earlier, and get them seen to immediately. This means better and more reassuring eye tests for you.

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