What you need to know about cataract surgery

Brief cataract overview

Cataracts are the main eye condition people are diagnosed with around the world, higher than more known conditions like Glaucoma. A Cataracts is a clouding in the lens of the eye and can eventually lead to blindness if not treated. There are three main types of Cataracts which are Nuclear Cataracts (associated with ageing), Subcapsular Cataracts (associated with diabetes or medication) and Cortical Cataracts (caused by disruption of fibre cells).

When should I seek medical advice?

If you have any symptoms associated with Cataracts-such as…

  • Blurred vision

  • Sensitive to light

  • Struggling to see when in dark lighted places

  • A white misty ring within the centre of the eye

If you have any of these symptoms contact your local optician about your concerns so they can examine the eye and inform you accordingly.

When to have cataracts surgery?

Cataracts is a condition with very many little treatment options. If you have this condition glasses can be prescribed to help your vision. Brighter glasses can also be given if an optician feels they will benefit your symptoms anti-glare glasses are also an option. This condition will get worse over time to the point surgery will be needed. An optician will advise you when surgery is needed when any glasses limiting the symptoms effects are no longer effective. The surgery will involve the lens being removed and replaced.


Always consult a qualified optometrist to confirm a diagnosis!

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