Why do my eyelids feel uncomfortable?

Are you experiencing uncomfortable eyelids? Are they puffy or red and sore? There could be a variety of reasons, here are just a few that could help you.

eyelids feel uncomfortable


A stye is a small, hot, red lump that you can get on the inside or the outside of the eyelid. This lump can cause pain due to the build up of pus that creates pressure. It is, in fact, an abscess that forms from an eye infection that comes from bacteria.

Styes are quite common and a lot of people experience them. They are easy to treat and often go away on their own but you can do something to get rid of them. Gently washing your eye with clean, warm water helps to wash away the bacteria. Keeping your eyes clean and avoiding touching them with dirty hands will help minimise the chance of infections.


This is when the eyelid becomes inflamed and swollen with the gland becoming clogged with oil. The eye can feel sore and gritty, like you have sand in your eye. This condition can become recurring and there is no one solution that works for all every time. Blepharitis is something that can effect the peripheral vision but is not usually serious.

More often than not it affects both eyes. It is treatable without going to the doctors to get a prescription if your symptoms are mild. It requires three steps: warmth, massage and cleansing. Using a warm cloth like a flannel over the eyes for 10 minutes can aid to soften the skin of the eyelid and the gland which helps to get rid of the oil.

Then for another 10 minutes massage the eyelids in a downward direction to release the oil from the glands. Finally cleanse the eyelids with a cotton pad dipped in either diluted baby shampoo in warm water or a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in warm water; wipe the pad over the eyelid and anywhere the oil has run.


Allergies can also cause your eyelids to become sore and irritated. The eyelid can become dry, flaky, puffy and tender. An allergy towards pet dander, pollen, perfumes, cigarette smoke and car fumes can aggravate your eyelids.

To help soothe your eyes you can take antihistamines and place a cool cloth or flannel over your eyes. This will help to cool them and alleviate some of the irritation.

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