My eyes are itchy (Itchy eye) - Reasons for itchy eyes

Itchy eye: Why are my eyes so itchy?

If you are suffering from itchy eyes this could be attributed to a variety of different issues. When your eyes become irritated they can start burning, become watery, red and swollen.

Itchy eye
Woman look at the cellphone for a long time and rubbing on her eye

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms then one of these reasons could be why:

Something in your eye?

The simplest reason could be that you have something in your eye that is aggravating it. Common objects such as loose eyelashes, dust particles, and sand can also cause irritation. These small things can be hard to spot but are often easy to remove. Simply use a clean finger to wipe your eye or even get someone to blow gently into it. Products like shampoo and hair dye can get into your eye making it sting. Rinsing your eye with clean water can help to wash out the irritating substance.


Allergies are a very common cause of itchy eyes and usually come with other symptoms. Allergens such as animal hair, pollen, dust, perfume, cigarette smoke and even diesel fumes can cause your eyes to become irritated. When experiencing an allergic reaction, the other symptoms you can have are sneezing, itchy skin, nasal congestion and sometimes sniffing. Allergies are easy to treat with antihistamines which can reduce or get rid of your symptoms.

Dry eyes

People blink in order to keep the eye lubricated and lessen the chances of getting something in it. Dry eyes can come about when looking at a screen such as a computer or phone for too long. Tiredness is also something that can contribute to dry eyes. Stepping away from the device that you are using can offer some relief. Ensuring that you get a good amount of sleep may also aid in relieving dry eyes. There are also products on the market that you can use such as drops and sprays to lubricate your eye and alleviate dryness.


Sometimes certain products may not agree with your eyes. The ingredients that are used in different products can irritate your eyes. Products such as soaps, lotions, moisturisers, mascara and eyeliners can make contact with your eyes, causing itchiness, soreness, swelling and possibly dryness. This can sometimes be a one-off event but if it persists then you may want to stop using that product to prevent any further irritation or damage.

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