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Just how safe are Halloween contact lenses really?

As the end of October comes around, our attention is focused on planning the best Halloween costume. Your outfit may not be complete without spooky coloured contact lenses. But just as you rush to buy them, have you wondered just how safe those Halloween contact lenses really are? What are the risks of wearing decorative contact lenses?

To avoid a nasty fright, let’s take a look at the risks of buying and wearing poor quality coloured contact lenses and where you can buy safe Halloween lenses online.

Are Halloween contact lenses dangerous?

You should never buy cheap contact lenses from the Internet without having them properly tested. This is extremely dangerous!

The cornea, which is the protective layer that covers the front of the eye, is very fragile and can be easily damaged.

Many of the cheap decorative lenses available contain toxic heavy metal which can cause:

  • Metal poisoning
  • Swelling
  • Infection
  • Vision loss

Remove contact lenses immediately if they feel uncomfortable, and never share them with your friends!

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Are cosmetic lenses safe?

Always make sure you purchase your lenses from a reputable supplier or registered optician, and make sure you know how to clean and handle them properly.

If you are going to buy lenses for Halloween, always make sure they have the CE label on the packaging, this ensures they conform with health and safety within the European Economic Area.

Never wear damaged contact lenses as they can have sharp or jagged edges that can scratch the cornea and never try fitting them over your normal lenses.

Fancy dress contact lenses are normally thicker than normal lenses and dry out quicker.

Our top tips for safe Halloween contact lenses:

  • Always buy from a reputable supplier
  • Don’t wear for long periods
  • Don’t share with friends
  • Know how to clean and handle the lenses properly
  • Don’t wear damaged lenses
  • Never sleep in your contact lenses
  • Take them out immediately if they feel uncomfortable.

For more advice on why your contacts may hurt your eyes, read our guide on what to do when contacts cause you pain.

Where to buy prescription Halloween contact lenses

If you are already a spectacle or contact lens wearer, you will probably need prescription cosmetic lenses. As we’ve mentioned above, it’s important to purchase novelty contact lenses from a reputable supplier for the safety of your eyes.

If you want to change the colour of your eyes for a costume this Halloween, take a look at FreshLook Colorblends by Alcon, who are the UK’s leading seller of coloured contact lenses.

These come in a range of 12 colours including; brown, green or grey for a subtle enhancement and shades such as brilliant blue, amethyst and true sapphire, which offer a real striking appearance for those looking to change their style.

How to wear novelty contact lenses safely

As with all contact lenses, fun coloured lenses still need to be cared for properly to minimise the risk of infection or injury to your eyes. Before you wear them, make sure you read the instructions and follow any advice regarding cleaning and storing your contact lenses properly by purchasing the necessary contact lens solutions.

Remember to remove your contact lenses is they feel uncomfortable and seek advice from your optician.

Ask your optician for advice

Whether you have a prescription or not, if you have any questions about wearing decorative contact lenses safely, your optometrist is qualified to help you find the best solution.

The main question now is… who are you dressing up as for Halloween?

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