Why am I seeing objects and things closer than they really are?

I’m seeing things closer than they are

In our normal vision range, it’s not typical to see objects closer than they are. In order to receive the correct treatment, it’s important to know what you are suffering from, and the apparent causes of the condition. When you see objects closer than they are, it could be an indication you are suffering from metamorphopsia.

The Human Eye

Metamorphopsia is a problem with vision in which objects appear distorted. This could result in a number of things – straight lines may appear to be curved, bent or wavy, objects may appear to be smaller or larger than they actually are, or farther away or closer than they actually are. Metamorphopsia is generally caused by diseases or conditions that affect the eye’s retina and macula.

New glasses

It’s important to note that if you have just received new glasses, this could explain why you are seeing things closer than they are. New glasses that correct for astigmatism that has previously been uncorrected can give a similar illusion to metamorphopsia. Remove your glasses for a couple of hours to see if this makes a difference.

Common risk factors

There are a variety of risk factors that pose a threat to metamorphopsia, these include:

  • Age
  • Myopia
  • Choroiditis
  • Antiangiogenic drugs
  • Ocular histoplasmosis syndrome
  • Ruptured choroid


This condition is a result of the eye growing too much from the front to the back. The light-sensitive tissue located in the back area of the eye focuses images on the front of the retina, rather than the back. This condition could lead to metamorphopsia which will result in you seeing things closer than they are.


Seeing objects closer than they are could be an indication you are suffering from a chronic migraine. This is a neurological condition where the blood vessels that are in the brain have a tendency to dilate and release hormones that activate pain receptions. This results in recurrent headaches, vomiting and nausea. If your visual issues are accompanied by any of these symptoms, then seek treatment from your doctor.

Macular degeneration causing metamorphopsia

This condition is the erosion and damage of the central part of the retina known as the macula, which results in impairment of the central vision. This can lead to severe difficulties with performing daily activities such as driving, reading etc. It tends to affect those over 50 years old.

When to see a doctor

It’s important to gain a correct diagnosis as to why you are suffering from metamorphopsia. In severe cases, it could be due to retinal detachment. This is an urgent medical situation and it’s important to note that risk of permanent blindness will increase with a longer period of detachment. Make an appointment immediately.

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