Myopia in Children: Are your kids nearsighted?

Myopia in Children: Are your kids nearsighted?

Myopia – otherwise known as nearsightedness – is common amongst children and there is a greater risk if both parents are nearsighted too!

Myopia in Children

Myopia explained in one sentence

Myopia is a refractive error in which close vision is sharp but objects farther away may appear blurred.

Myopia types

  • Mild – No treatment is necessary
  • Severe – A child’s vision is significantly affected, and during the teenage years it can become worse!

How to spot your child has Myopia

They will have no trouble:

  • Looking at a mobile phone, iPad or any other digital screen.
  • They can even read a book no problem.

They will however have an issue:

  • With squinting to see a board used in the classroom.
  • Watching the TV if it’s at the other side of the room.

Will my child ever be cured of nearsightedness?

Wearing prescription glasses or contact lenses will help your child manage Myopia but it will not eliminate myopia altogether. Having said this, nearsightedness usually stabilizes when they reach their 20s.

If you think your child has Myopia, please visit your local opticians and speak to the Optometrist for a qualified diagnosis.

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