How does Blepharitis impact your child?

Blepharitis is common amongst children, especially if they suffer from eczema and causes inflammation of the eyelids.

Types of Blepharitis in children

There are two different type:

1. Anterior Blepharitis

This affects the front edge of the eyelid where the eyelashes are attached and is commonly caused by a bacterial infection or certain skin conditions such as Seborrhoeic dermatitis or rosacea amongst others.

2. Posterior Blepharitis

This affects the lower part of the eyelid that encounters the eyeball and is usually caused by a malfunctioning oil gland.

Blepharitis treatment for children

It can simply be treated with lubricating eye drops or ointments, or just a simple case of wiping the eyes clean with a warm washcloth.

If that doesn’t work

If the infection does not clear up with eye drops, it is essential that you book your child in at your local opticians so the optometrist can take a detailed look into the issue and explain the next step.


Always consult a qualified optometrist to confirm a diagnosis!

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