Does your child suffer from colour blindness?

Does your child suffer from colour blindness?

Colour blindness, otherwise known as Colour Vision Deficiency, is when children are unable to view certain colours the way they look.

There are estimated to be around 250 million people worldwide who are colour blind.

Nearly all children diagnosed with colour blindness are boys inherited from their mother. In fact, 8% of the male population suffer from the condition.


Kids colour blindness types

  • Red/Green colour blindness is the most common type. This is when you have difficulty telling the difference between green, brown, red and orange.
  • Blue/Yellow colour blindness is rare. A child may confuse blacks and reds, and colours will seem much duller to them than to a child without colour blindness.
  • The inability to see any colours is rare, and its rarely a sign of anything serious.

Detecting your child is colour blind

Often you won’t know that your child is colour blind, and a young child won’t be able to tell either.

You may first notice the signs when your child is roughly four years of age as your child will say that two different colours are the same.

The child may have difficulties at school when colours are used to help with learning.

How can your child’s school help?

As your child gets older their school can help by labelling coloured pencils and paints. They may be considered to have additional needs and require additional support from their school.

Get a confirmed diagnosis

You can ask your local optician to give your child a colour vision test as these are not offered as part of the standard kids’ eye test.

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