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How to check your eye health?

Although you can determine many minor eye conditions from looking at your eyes such as conjunctivas, you should see a specialist when it comes to checking your eye health. They will be able to tell you any conditions you do have, conditions that may develop and how to avoid getting certain conditions. This would be incredibly more beneficial and accurate than trying to conduct an eye health check by yourself.

How to check your eye health

Opticians check your eye health using a variety of machines such as:

  • Retinal Camera – This piece of machine is used to take a picture of your eye. The Retinal Camera looks for any issues or diseases within the eyes.
  • Slit Lamp – This is a very handy piece of equipment that allows opticians to be able to see every part of your eye. This can help them see any irregularities in the eye.
  • Tonometer – This is used to check the pressure in your eye. It blows a small amount of air onto the eye and from this, the optician can work out the pressure build up within. This helps to diagnose conditions like Glaucoma. Untreated this can lead to blindness.

Of course, there are other machines opticians can use instead or as well as these ones to determine your eye health but you will often find these are the main pieces of equipment.

If you are concerned about your eye health please use our find your local optician tool to find a practice near you. This would be much more beneficial to your overall health than trying to conduct the examination yourself.

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