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Custom made glasses are more than just magnifiers

It comes to us all; at some point in our 40’s all of us will start to need to make adjustments when we look at things that are close to us. Some try to put off visiting an optician by buying cheap reading specs from the supermarket or pharmacy.

“It doesn’t matter if I lose them” they say, “I can always buy another pair.”

But at a time when single-use straws, carrier bags and coffee cups are all subject to campaigns to end their use, is it still acceptable to consider specs as disposable in this way?

Worker making custom glasses

What other benefits can you get by investing a bit more time, care and possibly money in a pair of custom-made glasses?

Your choice of frame

A pair of glasses that you only wear part-time can still look as good as a pair that you wear all the time. If you have your glasses made by an optician, then you can have your lenses put into almost any optical frame. You could choose frames by your favorite designer which will compliment the rest of their products; you could choose frames in colours that you wear regularly; you could be practical and choose lighter frames that feel much better to wear.

The right prescription for you

A pair of custom-made reading specs will have lenses in that are right for you. They will almost certainly have different powered lenses in front of each eye to allow you to see clearly. They may have some correction for astigmatism to ensure that things you look at are in clear focus. The centre of the lens will be in front of your pupil to ensure you do not get any eye strain. The optician who provides the glasses will ensure that they will allow you to see clearly at the distance you need them for.

The right lenses for you

Single vision lenses are the best solution for people who only do one job at a time. If you spend long periods reading novels for example, single vision lenses work very well. Other people, however, need to be able to switch between tasks without changing their glasses. This is where an optician will be able to give you expert advice about the right lenses for you. Occupational lenses for example, allow you to view things across a range of near distances, people who have to be able to see the area around them as well as read, such as those working behind a till or using a computer at a desk will find these lenses beneficial. Others, such as teachers and drivers, need to be able to see all distances without removing their glasses and find varifocal lenses are the best option for them.

Other benefits for you

Your glasses can help you in other ways as well. If you often read in sunlight, then you can have lenses that will darken in the sun to allow you to see comfortably in all conditions. Other lenses will block UV light to help you maintain the health of your eyes.

Help when you need it

If you choose to get your glasses from your local optician, they are available and capable of helping you understand and use your specs. If you need assistance with new glasses, repairs to older glasses or just advice about your vision they will be able to help.

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