Kid’s glasses: Tips on buying children’s eyewear

Kid’s glasses: Tips on buying children’s eyewear

For some parents, buying glasses for their children can be difficult. A lot of parents, especially ones who have never worn glasses themselves don’t know where to start.

Children’s eyesight is a vital component of their development. Apart from having the correct prescription is it imperative that their glasses fit well.

Children’s frames are very different to adults. With the bridge of their nose and areas around their eyes not being fully developed there are special designs and measurement required.


Choosing the right frames for children’s glasses

Kids are going to be kids and they are going to ask for ‘the same glasses my friend had on in school’ or ‘I want ones with Spiderman on the side of them’ and this is no problem IF these frame fit.

If they don’t fit it’s up to the parent to make the better judgement.

Choose a pair that are going to fit your child, that are going to help their vision and that are not going to keep causing you constant heartache.

Below are our top 4 tips for fitting children’s glasses:

1. Get advice from trained professionals

If you feel unsure about what is best for your child in regarding to glasses don’t be afraid to ask the

experts. We are here to help you, and to provide what best fits your needs.

If buying glasses is something very new to you be sure to seek help as it can be very confusing at

times and is it very important to get it right for your child. We will educate you on what is required

for a correctly fitting pair of glasses.

2. Choose quality over character brands

The idea of having ‘cool’ glasses – branded with things such as Avengers, Minions and princesses – are a lovely idea but what good are those if they don’t fit your child?

The majority of these types of frames are ill-fitting glasses. The focus is on the targeted images on

the sides on the frame and not on how they are going to fit the child.

3. Be careful not to make your decision based on price

Two for the price of one; a cheap fix.

Are you really saving money if these glasses are ill fitting, and break easy with the playfulness of a


Often, you end up having to spend more money because of these two reasons.

4. Don’t be in a hurry when choosing

Allow yourself time when choosing a pair of glasses. Your child will have to try on multiple pairs – different shapes, different sizes and different colours.

It is important that the frame you choose fits your child correctly, but it is also important that your child is happy with the chosen frame. If your child does not like the frame it might be difficult to get them to wear it.

How should glasses fit on a child?

Here is an example below (left picture) of a child who had ill fitting glasses.

Because the glasses didn’t fit him correctly, they were of no help to his vision because he was always looking out over the glasses rather than through the lens, they were constantly annoying him sliding down his face and they caused heartache for his parents who were paying trips back to where they got them to try get them sorted.

Multiple times they had to buy new glasses in that same place, but nothing changed.

After a couple of years of this back and forth to the opticians and glasses slipping down his face, they decided to try somewhere new.

They visited Eyeworld Opticians who fitted him with a perfect pair of glasses (right picture) that he loves and has had no problems with to date.

As you can see in the right hand picture, the new glasses are sitting propped up on his nose, and he is looking directly through the centre of the lens.

How do I know my kid’s glasses fit right?

Choosing the right pair of glasses for your kids isn’t as hard as you think when you are educated correctly on what your child needs.

If your child is refusing to wear their glasses, don’t panic! This can be a common initial reaction to new frames.

We’ve published another article that has several tips you can follow to encourage your child to wear their new glasses.

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