My Vision Appears To Be Distorted (Gradual Deterioration)

My vision appears to be distorted

Distorted or blurred vision is a common issue that many people deal with at some stage of their life. It could be short-lived, or it could be a sign of something more serious. In some cases, the gradual deterioration of vision, that includes distorted vision could be a case of age-rated change, but in order to receive the correct treatment, we will consider the most common reasons you could be suffering from distorted vision.

distorted vision


This is the most common reflective eye error about. People with this condition can see things up close but struggle with distance which can cause distorted vision. It can affect either eye. The good news is, myopia can be corrected with contact lenses, eyeglasses or refractive surgery.


This is a condition caused by an irregularly shaped cornea. This can cause distorted vision due to light changes within vision. Alongside your distorted vision, you may experience the appearance of double images under low contrast conditions. This condition is treatable with contact lenses, eyeglasses or refractive surgery.


Your distorted vision may be a sign of Keratoconus. This is the thinning and degeneration of the cornea which results in a cone-shaped bulge. The causes of this condition are currently unknown. Common symptoms alongside your vision issues include glare and light sensitivity. There are various treatments options based on the mildness and severity of your condition.


Distorted vision is a common symptom of metamorphopsia. This is a condition where objects appear distorted. Such as, straight lines may look as though they are curved, bent or wavy, or objects may appear to be smaller, larger, farther away or closer than they are in reality. This condition is typically caused by diseases or conditions that affect the eye’s retina or macula. If you are suffering from any additional symptoms, you should seek medical advice.

An Ocular Migraine

This is a visual phenomenon that may occur alongside a migraine headache or without any a headache at all. The symptoms include seeing spots, flashes, wavy lines, light flashes, zig-zag lights, crescent-shaped defects and distortions of vision and shapes. These migraines may feel frightening, but they are typically harmless and they usually disappear without medication within a 30 minute period. After this, your vision should return to normal.

When to consult a doctor

If your distorted vision does not begin to clear up, or other symptoms begin to appear, it’s best to contact your eye doctor in order to gain a proper diagnosis.

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