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Protecting your children against UV rays

Ultraviolet light from the sun can have serious effects not just on everyone’s skin but eyes as well. It’s important to know that your child’s eyes are even more susceptible to damage from UV radiation. In fact, 80% of all UV exposure occurs before the age of 18.

Protecting your children against UV rays

Children are more at risk from UV rays because their pupils are larger and the lens inside the eye is clearer, which enables more absorption of UV radiation into the eye.

Ultraviolet light can cause several eye conditions such as cataracts, macular degeneration and cancer so we should think about protecting our eyes from the UV but especially our children’s.

A few tips to protect your children’s eyes are keeping them out of the Sun’s peak hours, but to also wear wide brimmed hats or a cap and to also have good quality sunglasses. Not only to protect the eyes, and as you cannot use sun cream around the eyes, therefore protecting the skin as well.

Look for sunglasses labelled 100% UV protected. There are lots of good quality sunglasses for children now including some Designers such as Rayban and Oakley along with more economical ones from companies such as Hilco and Centrostyle.

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