Wear Maui Jim's polarised sunglasses lenses in the snow

If you have ever had the chance to take a trip to the French Alps, it is a perfect opportunity to try a pair of the Maui Jim polarised sunglasses or your preferred brand! These amazing shades block 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays while eliminating 99.9% of glare.

You may buy a pair of non-prescription Maui Jim’s sunglasses to make you feel good about yourself but you are able to have a gorgeous pair of Maui Passport prescription sunglasses that give you all the great benefits of a regular Maui Jim combined with a custom prescription.

Protecting your eyes with polarised lenses

Imagine taking a cable car from Chamonix to Aiguille du Midi a mountain in the Mont Blanc massif, at a height of 12,605ft. A temperature of -10 degrees! Couple this with a wind chill of -21 degrees and you can see why warm clothing and protection from very bright sunlight is essential.

Snow is highly reflective and UV intensity increases the higher you go. Maui Jim promised to provide more vibrant colours of the world while protecting your eyes from the harsh effects of glare and harmful rays. With claims like that there is no doubt you will be blown away!

The difference in detail and clarity you will see whilst wearing these sunglasses will be unbelievable. With mountaineers and skiers on the extremely exposed ice ridge to descend to the glacier below.

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